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Steve Simmons
Drill and Blast Coordinator
Anglo American
R. Frank Chiappetta
Explosives Applications Engineer
Blasting Analysis International
Peter Bellairs
Principal Consultant
Ron Inall
Drill & Blast Supervisor
BHP Billiton
Shannon Vyvyan
Senior Mining Engineer
Rio Tinto

Developing Innovative Strategies to Reduce Activity Cost, Improve Operational Efficiencies and Ensure Consistent Productivity

Over the last 12 months there has been a significant shift in how mining companies are operating. With the increasing production pressure and cost efficiency demands across the mine value chain, vital activities such as drill and blast practices have been pushed to meet these operational demands.

As a drill and blast professional you are challenged to embrace innovative technology and explore new cost efficient ways to perform your operations. Drill & Blast 2014 will bring you views from leaders in the industry who are rethinking the whole project management aspect aiming to achieve operational excellence.

At the conference you will have the chance to learn from these industry leaders that have successfully implemented procedures to reduce their activity cost, improve their operational efficiency and ensure consistent productivity.
While the conference will explore future technologies in drill and blast, it will focus on today’s challenges and strategies for exploiting short-term solutions. This practitioner led conference will have a perfect mix of case studies from Australian and international drill and blast professionals.

Make sure you attend the only conference that Frank Chiapetta will present at in Australia in 2014!

Key Themes in 2014:

Cost Reduction through Optimized Planning Of Drill and Blast Activities

  • Practical methods for achieving better fragmentation by creating drill and blast patterns that match your signature site
  • Short Interval Control (SIC) Process: discussing how this operational process can improve efficiency and productivity while reducing activity costs
  • Cost reduction through better planning – practical ways to assess the ideal product mix
  • Evaluating the innovation in technology and electronic devices – the new methods available  
  • Are you making the most out of your resources? Streamlining mine operations to ensure you extract the maximum amount of resource per tonne of rock blasted

Improving Operational Efficiencies of Drill and Blast Activities

  • Valuing strategies to predict ore movement more accurately and reduce ore loss and dilution
  • Analysing and using existing historical data to understand how fumes are developed through blasting activities and for developing effective fume control strategies
  • Assessing new drilling technology – the steps to follow when assessing and purchasing new drilling technology
  • Achieve a higher profit margin using innovative drill and blast technology
  • Improve overall project management activity to drive profit margin and increase efficiency  

Ensuring Consistent Productivity by adhering to OHSE requirements

  • Methods to reduce fumes through optimised blast timing
  • Legislation Update:  gaining a clearer understanding of the proposed changes to the legislation on explosives handling
  • Optimise the OHSE framework to avoid production stoppages

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